Word ID Assessment Across the Content Areas

Word ID Multisyllabic Word Structure Scope & Sequence

All 12 Word ID content area assessments are aligned with the same Multisyllabic Word Structure Scope & Sequence, which was designed to capture the multisyllabic word identification skills that secondary students need to have mastered to read their content area academic texts successfully.

Student Word List Multisyllabic Word Structure
LIST 1 Two-Syllable Words with Inflectional Suffixes
LIST 2 Syllable Division Patterns in Two-Syllable Words
LIST 3 Two-Syllable Words with Prefixes or Derivational Suffixes; Compound Words
LIST 4 Three-Syllable Words with Prefixes and/or Derivational Suffixes; Compound Words
LIST 5 Four-Syllable Words with Prefixes and/or Derivational Suffixes
LIST 6 Multisyllabic Words Without Affixes (Syllable Division Only)
LIST 7 Nontransparent Multisyllabic Words with Orthographic and/or Phonological Shifts
LIST 8 Greek-based Multisyllabic Words with Regular Sound-Spellings
LIST 9 Greek-based Multisyllabic Words with Unique Sound-Spellings